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Au Jardin Secret

Liberty Club Corcelles

Our charter

  1. Be courteous

    The rule is to approach people with courtesy and respect, whether they are singles or couples.

    Any pressure or blackmail, whether physical or moral, will not be tolerated in our establishment.

    We remind you that: NOTHING IS OBLIGATORY

    Do not be insistent

    Wait for a sign, if one or more participants choose you to join them in their libertine games, they will naturally make you understand. Of course you have the right to approach whoever you want, but you must be attentive to their reactions. If you observe that they do not answer frankly to your proposals or that they refuse, you should not insist in any case.

    You will not try to approach them later, thinking that they have changed their mind, if this is the case, they will let you know.

    In any case, ask for the right to join the people as to your participation.

    Be friendly

    We are here for shared pleasure and in a framework of leisure and games. Everyone is free to practice libertarianism as they see fit.

    Avoid any comment or judgment on other libertines, their dress, their physique .. etc..

    The respect of the women (the woman is queen)

    The women present here are not at your disposal. You will be gallant, seductive, attentive, considerate and will respect their choice. 

    The condoms

    They are at your disposal for protected sex. You will thus take care to use them as it should be and to throw them in the dustbin after use. Think of those who will follow you, leave the place as clean as you would like to find it.

    Hygiene and cleanliness

    Physical relations obviously presuppose an irreproachable and obligatory personal and medical hygiene. 

    Alcohol, drugs and prostitution

    Drugs are strictly forbidden and the use of alcohol must be moderate.

    Prostitutes and their clients are not allowed in our club.

    Access to the cuddling areas (upstairs) 

    Only reserved for couples and single women.  Please respect the calm in these places (Avoid laughter and other debates that could disturb couples in their libertine games.

    To conclude:

    We reserve the right to exclude from our establishment all persons who do not respect our charter.

    Libertinage rhymes with discretion, courtesy and good mood, without forgetting the Master Word : 

                                                 THE RESPECT OF EACH ONE

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