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Au Jardin Secret

Liberty Club Corcelles

dress Code

As in all the libertine clubs, a dress of circumstance is required.

For the ladies: A sexy outfit is very appreciated, in any case a skirt or a small dress gives you access to the club.
For the gentlemen: An elegant outfit, pants shirt, will make you a coveted man.

*The management of the club reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who does not respect the dress code*.

tenue homme
tenue femme
tenue femme
tenue homme

First time in club

Here, we do not try to convince or force you to join the libertine world.

Here, we simply want to give you some simple explanations so that you can make your own opinion of the libertine world.

To be a libertine is :

To know how to read the pleasure in the eyes of your partner and to feel happy about it
To be respectful and tolerant of each other’s desires
To be free in his mind as in his body and to accept the same freedom to his partner

In a libertarian relationship:

Jealousy has no place and will only destroy the relationship of the couple.
The dialogue, the listening of the other, of his desires, of his fears, the sharing, the respect of yourself and of your spouse, will allow you to succeed in a libertine adventure.

A briefing before the evening and a debriefing after the evening will allow you to know your limits. They will avoid headaches and other fits of jealousy that do not bring anything constructive.

It is essential to be both consenting and not to pass the course to please the other.

First time in a libertine club

How does a night in a club go?

This question is legitimate for a couple beginner and the small pinch in the belly caused by the unknown is all that there is of more normal…

Here are some answers

To go to a libertine club means to be attentive to the pleasures of each one and not only to its own pleasure. This attention is manifested by the concern brought to its dress, to its cleanliness, to its way of entering in communication. Before going to a club, it is advisable to make sure that both members of the couple fully share the same desire, that they have the same expectations.

To do this, it is important to ask yourself a number of questions to avoid a misunderstanding that could spoil the evening.

Should a woman be subject to the desires of the participants of the evening?

No, the woman is queen in a libertine club, it is she who decides.

If a couple starts to play a little naughty game alone, do the members of the party have the “right” to come and touch?

No, they might just come and watch. If they feel like participating, they should ask your permission and she will decide. A simple negative hand or head gesture will suffice, no need to justify.

Couples are certainly there to take pleasure but they all have different ways of functioning in the libertine world:

Some like exhibition, voyeurism, bisexuality, threesomes, or candaulism.

Others will only indulge in mixing (no penetration outside of a couple) and others will prefer swinging.

Some come to the clubs just to have a good time, without any expectations. If in the evening the atmosphere and the feeling with another couple is manifested they will pass then, with spontaneity, in the cuddling corners.

Other couples will come with several couples of friends.

It is important to know your own limits and not to force the other to exceed your own.

Respect for potential partners is essential, which of course means accepting refusals.
To respect the other, as it is often advanced in the libertine environment, consists indeed not only in respecting his desire but also his absence of desire.
If a person or a couple invites you and you are not interested, rather than getting angry, simply say “no” with courtesy, a negative gesture of the head or the hand is enough. This will improve the general atmosphere.
The look can be used to initiate a relationship as well as to prevent it, so it is important to be discreet when pointing at someone. In any case, if this is your very first time in our club, let us know.
We can show you around and answer your questions.
We can introduce you to respectful couples who can answer all your questions.
In conclusion we can add :

For a woman who is a beginner:

At the beginning she will probably be reluctant, Sir, be patient, do not force her because very quickly, once the step is taken, she will accept the libertinage more easily than you.

Paradoxically, men find it more difficult to see their partner taking pleasure with another man.

One of the characteristics of beginners is the lack of “distance”. It is therefore preferable not to rush anything, follow your rhythm and listen to each other.

To sum up, you have to make this decision together, and you are here to enjoy yourselves together and not to suffer…

And don’t hesitate to ask us questions when you arrive.

We wish you beautiful libertine encounters


Au jardin secret

Single women

For those who wish to spend an evening in our club, you will be the Queen.

In our establishment you will have no obligation.

You can simply come and visit us, have a drink, and have a good time with us.

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